Pumpkin seed oil as a treatment of acne

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What Do You Know About Acne?

Whether you just get occasionally spots or you deal with unrelenting breakouts, acne can damage not just your skin, but your self-esteem too. Let’s talk about acne, I know that it is a very common problem but, still there are very few people who know the reason behind this problem. That’s why I choose this topic to clarify about its causes and treatment options. Acne is a skin condition which usually occurs in teenagers. It is not that acne only affect only teenagers, it can affect both men and women at any age. According to studies almost 50-60 percent people of this country are suffering from this condition. Most of us have it but many of us don’t know how to handle it. I know how embarrassing it can be when a person gets a pimple on his/ her face. One single pimple can snatch the whole beauty of yours. Acne is a condition which is characterized by red pimples on the skin especially on the face. Apart from face it can appear on neck, back, shoulder and chest.  Acne causes when your skin pores get blogged with dead skin cells, excessive oil and bacteria.Pumpkin Seed There are also some other reasons behind this problem: polluted air, not washing your face for enough timing, not taking proper care of your skinand certain types of cosmetics. There are many ways by which anyone can cure acne. But if we talk about the fact, I would like to clarify that taking those treatments for acne can give you harmful side-effects. To stay away from side-effects people usually spend lots of money every month. But you do not need to worry because today I am going to tell you about amazing oil by which you can not only cure acne at home but also make your skin spot free. Have you heard about pumpkin seeds? I know everyone eat pumpkin and its seeds. Surprisingly, pumpkin seed oil for acne is the perfect way to cure this condition. Pumpkin seed oil has the ability to cure stomach, hair and skin related problems. Pumpkin seeds are called as super foods. Pumpkin seeds are also known “kaddu ka beej” in Hindi. Pumpkin seeds are full of essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus. Pumpkin seed has anti-oxidant property and vitamin A and E. These qualities prove that pumpkin seed oil for acne is the perfect way to cure Acne.  It has the ability to fight against acne. This oil removes marks and spots which is caused by acne.  The zinc present in pumpkin seeds is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are known to reduce the problem of acne. remove sports and marksNow tell me what you think about pumpkin oil for acne? I know this is not enough for you to accept the fact about its effectiveness in acne.  Consumption of raw, sprouted or roasted pumpkin can give you relief from acne. If you apply pumpkin seed oil for acne, you can get fast and effective results. I think my clarification on pumpkin seed oil for acne is enough for you to understand that this oil has the ability to cure acne very effectively. I am saying this because it’s in the studies that if you use pumpkin seed oil for acne, you can not only cure acne but also prevent its breakouts.

How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil for Acne?

pumpkin seeds in milkYou need some pumpkin seeds (roasted, sprouted or raw) and milk. You can drink this every day. If you want you can mix pumpkin seed’s powder with milk, you can drink this milk every day before your bedtime. You can also buy pumpkin seed oil and directly apply on your affected area and leave that for few time. Then rinse off with normal water.

Tell me now you are satisfied with the benefits of using pumpkin seed oil for acne? There are no other remedies which can work effectively on acne very fast. Don’t you think that now you have a magical remedy which can cure acne without giving you side effects?

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