How to use banana to get rid of acne?

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What Do You Know About Acne?

Acne is something that can make you feel embarrassed in front of people because of its ugly appearance on your face. Many of you might have experienced this condition at some point in your lives. Although acne is a very common problem among youngster and adults but it can affect any person regardless of age and gender.

acne-and-wrinklesDo you know the reasons behind the development of acne? If no, do not worry, we are here to help you. Acne can develop as a result of bacteria, clogged pores, dead skin cells and oil production, as well as there are many factors which make them worse such as hormones, certain medications, diet and stress. Acne is painful, frustrating and difficult to treat but without treatment, dark spots and permanent scars can develop on the skin. There are a number of treatment options available for acne and you might have tried creams, pills and other market products but ended with disappointments because they did not give the same results as they promised. Well, banana for acne is the remedy which you should be looking for.

Benefits of Banana for acne

Banana is the most popular and tasty fruit that gives you lot of proteins and vitamins. Have you ever imagined banana for acne treatment? Of course not and it can be a surprising fact for you that banana peels can cure acne. Yes, this is completely true. You can use the banana peels as a natural acne-destroyer. If you are still wondering how can banana and its peels effective in acne treatment, keep reading the next lines.

  • Banana peels contain vitamin A, B, C and E, all of which contribute to a healthy skin.
  • Banana peels are rich in antioxidants that fight the germs that cause acne.
  • They work as a natural exfoliant to remove toxins from the pores.
  • They also contain zinc, magnesium and iron which help in calming the inflamed skin.
  • Banana peels are antiseptic in nature so, they are able to prevent bacterial infections that cause acne.
  • Enzymes in banana peels help in hydrating the skin, heal the scars and prevent new acne from forming.

There are numerous beneficial properties of banana peels which help in treating acne. If you want to get rid of acne fast, nothing is better than using banana peels.  We are going to tell some effective ways of using banana and its peels for acne treatment.

How to Use Banana For Acne?

Eat the bananas:

Banana tastes really great and this is the rich source of vitamins and proteins. It will give you all essential vitamins that help in making your skin glowing and improving your health condition too. If the banana is still green, do not eat it yet. When you banana-for-skineat a banana, keep its peels. Always try to eat a yellow colored banana.

Rub the peel on the skin:

After eating the banana, use it peels for acne treatment. Use the inside parts of the peels to rub on the affected skin. As you rub your face with peels, you will notice a change in the color of the peel from yellow to black due to dirt on your face. Make sure you replace the peel and throw the old one away once it has turned completely black. Continue to rub your skin for at least 10 minutes.

Do not wash your face yet -:

After rubbing the peels on your affected skin, make sure you do not wash the peels remnants from your skin.  The ingredients in the peels help in removing the germs from your skin. Let the face stay for few hours. If you wash your face after just ending the rubbing, you will lose whatever you gained in the whole procedure.

Banana for acne is an ideal treatment option which you can try at any time at your home. If you want the good results, you must be consistent with the process of using banana peels regularly. After one use, you will see a slight improvement in your skin’s texture and soon your face will acne free. I think this is the best treatment options which are giving results after just one use. So, next times when you eat banana do not throw its peels as it works wonder for your acne problem.

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