Acne Treatment with Tamanu Oil

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tamanu-oil-benefitsTamanu oil is natural oil that is being extracted from the seeds of tamanu oil’s fruit. The scientific name of this plant is Calophyllum tacamahaca or Calophyllum inophyllum which is an evergreen, the tropical tree grows in Tropical Island in central and southern Pacific Ocean. The oil derived from tamanu tree has lots of benefits for various kinds of skin related ailments and even it may help your skin to glow. Today, we are going to tell you about a natural acne treatment.


To be frank, a little time earlier I didn’t know anything about tamanu even I haven’t heard this name before but platonically I came to know this word by one of my friends who is conversant. I did research about it on the internet and to be frank, I was surprised to know the benefits of this miraculous oil. This is a plant that has been used for years in Polynesia and Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Sri Lanka but even after being so inquisitive I didn’t come across this word. Let’s not dig deep into what I know and what I do not, the topic is that how tamanu oil is so effective in some of the skin related ailments such as acne.

tamanu-oilYou may have experienced acne at some part of your life and if you do so then you would have probably experienced the affliction of being affected with acne. Acne is basically a skin condition that may manifest some of the onerous symptoms on your body if your acne condition is severe. Symptoms may include blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, papules, pustules, bumps, red and inflamed skin with itchiness, pain and other afflictive results could be manifested on your skin. You may have been wondering about what are the causes of this skin related ailment on your skin.

acne-symptomsWell, all your acne related problems can be associated with the sebaceous glands which are one of the most important groups of glands present in your body. Sometimes your glands start producing an excessive amount of sebum which is a glutinous serum that doesn’t let your skin dry and even waterproofs your skin. When an excessive amount of sebum is being produced by the sebaceous glands then your body doesn’t be able to utilize produced sebum and it results in excessive excretion of sebum and your hair follicles are being forced to be clogged up with the sebum and dead skin cells.

tamanu-oil-for-acneAcne is treatable and tamanu oil can do wonders for the acne. Tamanu oil doesn’t even treat acne but it’s worth noticing that the properties of tamanu oil may help you treat other skin related ailments. It is a perfect acne treatment. It has myriad of skin-friendly properties that may assist you with your skin condition to get better and if you regularly use tamanu oil for your acne then nothing could outweigh its properties when it comes to treating acne. It may help you in rejuvenating your skin so that new skin cells can be manifested and dead skin cells can be sloughed off the body. It’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antifungal properties will surely help you extirpate acne problem out of your body.


tamanu-oil-2When you get affected with acne then it creates an ideal foundation for bacteria to thrive that may deteriorate your skin condition even further. Tamanu oil for acne can be the best choice in order to confront bacteria as well as other symptoms of your body. Tamanu oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that may help your skin to get to normal shape and it may help you alleviate redness and itchiness of your skin. Bacteria play an important role in developing acne pimples and cysts which are afflictive and what Tamanu oil does here is that it inhibits the growth and development of bacteria on your skin that further helps your skin to get healed sooner.

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