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neuralgia_Are you suffering from the chronic pain of neuralgia? If yes, this article will help you a lot. Today, we are going to tell you the important facts related to neuralgia as well as an astonishing treatment to cure it from its roots. I am sure you may want to know about this treatment that can safely that means without giving any unwanted side effects can cure the neuralgia and many other health issues. So, let’s talk about it.

Before going to the treatment, let me tell you some important facts related to neuralgia. Neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that usually affects the trigeminal nerve which is one of the most widely distributed nerves in the head.  It causes severe pain in the parts of your face. The pain is usually around your jaw or cheek or both.  The first branch of the nerves is less commonly affected so the pain over your forehead and around your eye will less common. The pain is stabbing, sharp and knife like. It usually lasts a few seconds but can last up to two minutes. The time between each pain can be minutes, hours and days. People suffering from this condition want to a safe treatment option that can relieve the pain and also cure this problem.

maha-vishgarbha-tailaYou can get rid of this health issue with the help of Ayurveda. Yes, Ayurveda has an effective oil that can cure the neuralgia and also give you relief from the pain. Mahavishgarbha tel is one of the effective ayurvedic solutions that can relieve the pain as well as cure the neuralgia from its roots. Mahavishgarbha tel is a famous herbal oil that is used eye diseases, paralysis and arthritis and of course neuralgia. This oil is used in different ways to deal with the health issues. It is used for external application, orally and for many ayurvedic therapies.

You can use the Mahavishgarbha tel in a number of health issues. This is the vital benefit of any ayurvedic medicine that it not only cures a single disease but effective in a number of health issues. Same in the case of Mahavishgarbha tel as it helps in the treatment of facial palsy, hearing loss, deafness, tremors, neck rigidity, lock jaw, wasting of hands and legs, female infertility, teeth and tongue ailments, bloating, headache and fever. It is really amazing that with a single ayurvedic oil you can cure a myriad health issues.

anti-aging-skinMahavishgarbha tel even used as an anti-aging treatment. So, if you want to look young even in your 30s, try Mahavishgarbha tel. This Ayurvedic tel helps to relieve emaciation, tendon tear, fractures and all types of arthritis. It helps to vata and pitta disorders that help to cure neuralgia.

If you are going to use this effective ayurvedic oil, you need to remember that always consult an ayurvedic doctor first before starting the treatment. You can use it topically and orally both. For oral use, the recommended dosage is 3-5 ml, once or two times a day, before food with warm water or milk. There are no side effects on external application of this oil. You can use this oil for a long period of time for only external use. Oral usage is done not more than 3-4 months. You can massage Mahavishgarbha tel on the affected parts to get relief from pain and other symptoms of neuroglia.

ayurveda-boonMahavishgarbha tel is the best ayurvedic oil for the treatment of neuroglia that is side effects free. It will reduce pain as well as cure the problem from its roots. All these benefits of Mahavishgarbha tel are due to its powerful medicinal properties and the natural ingredients present in it. The effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of Mahavishgarbha tel help to reduce the pain as well as swelling of the face. The natural herbs present in Mahavishgarbha tel including bilva, ashwagandha, brihati, bala, kathila, atibala, prasarini, kshudra, patala, rasna, mishi, daru, kushta, taila, water for decoction, mamsi, ela, meda, jivaka, riddhi, ambua and a number of other natural herbs make the Mahavishgarbha tel an effective ayurvedic oil.

Do not deal with the pain associated with neuralgia or left the condition untreated, try Mahavishgarbha tel. You will get the amazing results and your problem, as well as pain, will go away soon. You can buy this product from www.paramanandayurveda.com


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